Discover Our Philosophy

Come and experience 50 years of quality, flavor, and authenticity! Everyday our dough is made with the finest flour that has been around since 1891, giving you a pizza crust second to none! Our pizza sauce is made daily with the best vine-ripened fresh tomatoes and is seasoned to perfection to give all our pizzas a unique and flavorful taste! Our quality, fresh meats, vegetables, and ingredients are exclusive to what has made Dondi’s in a class by itself! Each pizza is made and crafted by our experienced pizzaiolos who take great pride and extreme care so that the finished product is always consistent to the taste and pleasurable to the eyes! Whether it is pick up or delivery, our times are set to get your pizza fresh hot out of the oven in the quickest, most efficient way without the long wait! We know we can never be perfect, but we will always strive for perfection in order to give our customers the perfect pizza that thousands have grown to love over the years!

We are Francesco, Luigi, Domenico, and Renato! We want all our customers, new and old, to remember these names not for the Italian ethnicity, but rather to be synonymous with a consistent great tasting pizza wherever the Dondi’s name is and will be! Thank You!

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